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Welcome to One Hundred Hours of Writing (OHHOW)!

We run writing streaming events for writers everywhere and you are invited to join us. Come enjoy our writing streams, get involved, and write stories with us!

OHHOW started as a way to connect writers around the world during November 2020, and we have grown to run streaming events several times a year.

During our events, we love to track how our participants (streamers, mods, and viewers) are doing with their writing. Everyone helps us work towards goals and unlocking more fun stuff!

Here’s how our latest event tracks against our goals:

You can help us hit those goals! Want to take part? Use the links below to find out more about our events and how it all works.


What's Next Our calendar includes when our events run, when volunteer signups are open, and deadlines....


One Hundred Hours of Writing (OHHOW) is an interactive writing event, in which we link streamers together...


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