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Streamer How-To

So you want to stream your writing? Excellent, you’re in the right place! 

OHHOW events are all about streaming while we write. They run for days at a time, running around the clock and around the world, with each streamer picking up a 2-hour slot and passing the baton to the next streamer when they’re done.

What You Are Signing Up For

What’s required of everyone who signs up to stream during an OHHOW or WOWW event:

  • Stream yourself and your writing for 2 hours on Twitch
  • Connect with your mods on Discord at least 15 minutes before your stream is due to start
  • Stick to the timetable and let the admins know ASAP if you can’t make it for any reason
  • Add the required mods to your stream ahead of the event
  • Do a test stream to verify your setup
  • Have a plan for your stream
  • Abide by:
  • Coordinate with OHHOW admins and mods to help things run smoothly

Your stream must include:

  • Required OHHOW branding
  • Something visually dynamic and engaging – remember this is a video medium and people will be watching you for 2 hours!
  • Writing sprints between 5 and 20 minutes long each
  • Something aurally engaging – people will also be listening, so make sure there is something for them to listen to, even if it’s background noise or typing during a sprint

See also the Essentials sections of this guide:

  • Getting Started covers what you must do in advance of the event
  • Streaming covers how things will run on the day and what you are expected to do

How to Sign Up

To sign up for a streaming slot, look for when the volunteer signups are open for the next event! Our schedule shows when the signups are open, and keep an eye on the announcements in the OHHOW Discord server for the link.

You will also be able to pick which streaming slot (or slots!) you want. Once we have all the volunteers signed up, the schedule is opened up for everyone to select a slot that suits their time zone and schedule. Keep an eye out on our Discord server for notifications so you know when to jump in and grab your slot.

Stream Timing and Requirements

Getting Started: Essentials

You can use any software you wish to stream to Twitch. The OHHOW Admins are most familiar with OBS Studio and Streamlabs. If you need any assistance as a new or returning streamer, we can provide help with setting up either of these programs.

The information and links included on this page will help you set up and use Streamlabs. Information for using and setting up OBS Studio will be added in the future.

Windows Setup

This video covers downloading Streamlabs, adding sources and scenes, webcams and audio, and tons more. Everything you need to know on setting up Streamlabs from scratch is included.

Next: complete the General Setup

Mac Setup

Next: complete the General Setup

General Setup

Here are the instructions for things everyone needs to do to complete their setup for streaming, regardless of what OS you are using: 

Next: complete the Pre-Event Preparation.

Pre-Event Preparation

The following items are required for the event. If you stream regularly, you likely have the above setup already completed. All streamers: please ensure you do the following to update your setup ahead of the event.

Getting Starts: Extras

Optional things you might want to add to your stream


Charity Setup

When you are streaming as part of an OHHOW event, you can raise money for charities or non-profit organisations only. You can include other collection or credit systems that do not involve money if you wish.

Please ensure you:

  • Do not do any other money-related offers or collections during the event
  • Abide by any laws or regulations local to you



Streaming: Essentials

Information for during your stream


Dropped Frames

If you are having issues with dropping frames or maintaining a strong stream, this video has some good tips to help stabilize your stream.