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We run events in April, July, and November! Check out our Schedule for what's next.

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About Our Volunteers

OHHOW is run entirely by volunteers, to promote and support writing. From the admins to the participants, people volunteer their time and energy to make these events what they are. We couldn’t do any of it without you!

Our volunteers are all around the world, hailing from different walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, ages, and demographics. Applications to become a volunteer are opened up regularly to welcome new people into the OHHOW family.

All we ask is that you treat others with respect and kindness, and enter with good intentions to fulfil the requirements of the volunteer position for which you have applied.

Twitch Volunteers

Our core events happen on Twitch as chains of individual streams that loop around the clock and around the world. This means our volunteers can be:

  • Streamers, leading a stream for a couple of hours of fun and writing
  • Moderators, supporting the streamer and coordinating to maintain a smooth-running event for everyone

Everyone is welcome to view and participate in the streams, you don’t have to sign up beforehand!

Discord Volunteers

OHHOW uses a Discord server to coordinate and communicate the event. It is our central hub for the event, and volunteers help us to run things smoothly on that side of things, including:

  • The Hype Squad, providing welcome and help to new participants and volunteers alike
  • Enforcers, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to chat in

If you’re interested in becoming an OHHOW volunteer, keep an eye on our schedule for dates when applications are open.