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Viewer How-To

So you want to watch a writing stream? Not sure what this is all about? Excellent, you’re in the right place! 

What You’re Signing Up For

When you’re a viewer in an OHHOW event, that means you’re watching our awesome streamers!

You can also write along with them during writing sprints, take part in the live chat, and contribute to the word count for the event as a whole. Do as much or as little as you like!

Getting Started: Essentials

How to get set up to view streams during the event from scratch:

Things you Need to Know

Ensure you are familiar with:


To interact with the writing streams in the event (including taking part in writing sprints), ensure you have a Twitch account set up, if you don't already. You don’t need a Twitch account to view the streams!

Viewing Streams: Essentials

Here’s how it runs on the day:

  • Streams run for 2 hours each
  • Find the current stream on the schedule or check the announcements on the OHHOW Discord server
  • Streamers run writing sprints that you can join in on
  • At the end of each stream, the streamer ‘raids’ over to the next stream. This transfers you to the next one without you doing anything! Enjoy the ride!
Getting Involved in Discussions

To interact in the comments, just type in the Comment box and hit enter. Please behave with kindness to others.

Streams have mods to keep everything moving along smoothly, so let them know if you have any questions and please listen to their guidance. You can identify a mod in the channel by the sword next to their name.

Getting Involved in Sprints

Many streamers will run writing sprints during their stream, with a timer displayed for everyone to see. You are encouraged to join in!

If you write during a live stream, whether it's part of a sprint or not, drop your word count or total writing time into the comment section and the mods will include your progress as part of the event.