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Enforcer How-To

Our Enforcers are an important part of helping our Discord server stay friendly and welcoming to everyone. They ensure people are following our rules and are the shield between us and chaos!

Here’s what you need to know about being an Enforcer:

What You’re Signing Up For

On our Discord server, Enforcers are responsible for:

  • Ensure everyone is following the rules in good faith
  • Warn, mute, kick, or ban people as necessary

These duties apply in the lead-up and during our events. Any Enforcer who uses their powers unjustly can have their role and authority revoked by the Admins at any time.

We aim to have Enforcers on-duty throughout our events, so during the sign-up phase, Enforcers sign up to cover 2-hour slots in our schedule.

Things you Need to Know

Ensure you are familiar with:

How To Become an Enforcer

The first step to becoming an Enforcer is to participate in an OHHOW event. We ask that all Enforcers have volunteered for OHHOW in at least one event before they apply (on Discord or Twitch). This helps us to entrust the safety and security of our event to people we know and can rely on.

We open up applications for Discord volunteers regularly! Check the calendar for when we are recruiting, and announcements for links to the application form when it’s open!